Friday, August 14, 2015

Unsere erste Hausaufgabe (Our first homework)!

Hallo Leute.
Here is the link for your first homework assignment. All activities on this website,, will not work on your iPads, so you'll need to do them on a computer. Once the page loads, click "Übung 2". Once you've finished, click the "Übung prüfen" button at the bottom. When you get the results screen, take a screen shot or take a picture with your iPad. Now, look at Infinite Campus and you should see an assignment in German class. Click it and submit the screen shot. This will be how we turn in most of your assignments.
Schönes Wochenende und bis Montag!
Herr Quinn

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hallo und eure iPads

Hallo Leute!
The new year is upon us. Hope the summer was great and that you are thoroughly pumped for the beginning of a new school year. We will be using the iPads extensively this year, which will involve you installing several apps for class. Below is the list of the apps I'll require (for now) - the number will probably grow.
DuoLingo (We will set up your accounts in class this week)
Socrative Student
Leo German/English Dictionary German/English Dictionary
EDpuzzle - Allows you to view and complete on-line video assignments
Voice Record Pro - Allows you to record and submit speaking activities
Sketchio - Digital white board
Quizlet - Great flash card app

Again, there will probably be more, but we will be using most of these very soon. Work in DuoLingo will be assigned right away.
Froh, dass du hier bist und fangen wir an!
Herr Quinn